Sports Media is Slowly Turning Into a Cesspool Over LeBron James Being at His Son's Games

LeBron James can't seem to get a break. No matter what he does, there are always critics in the media that look to tear him down.

Well, the critics are speaking up again after LeBron was seen at his son Bronny's basketball tournament dunking in pregame layup lines and jumping on the sidelines to celebrate his son's dunks.

If you've followed LeBron over the last few years, it's nothing new to see him on the sidelines of his sons' games, as well as celebrating with their teams after big wins. But as his oldest son Bronny's game has been on the rise, LeBron has gotten increasingly excited watching the action.

Recently, he was seen jumping onto the court after one of Bronny's dunks. In the process he lost his shoe, ran and got it back, then jumped right back onto the court for a chest bump with his son. Of course, the media found a way to turn the situation into a negative for the star. Over and over again.

James was apparently acting overly excited and childlike, to some people. But to most, he was doing nothing more than being an involved father supporting his son's achievements.

Some also had issues with the way James joined his son's AAU team in warmups. He jumped in line and gave a couple dunks for the crowd, but critics saw this as taking attention away from the kids and claimed that parents didn't like the gesture.

If you asked anyone on site, though, the vibe in the arena was quite the contrary. A lot of the crowd came with the intention of getting a glimpse at LeBron and his son, so he gave them what they wanted. The parents also didn't seem to mind at all. One parent even came forward to share the story of his son's interaction with James.

He's not "behaving just like any other dad"; he's behaving like the platonic ideal of an enthusiastic dad. And he's not hurting any of the players. If anything, he is bringing more attention to the team.

If you genuinely think LeBron's doing this for attention, then are you even looking at the type of attention he's getting? It's all negative. LeBron is doing this because it's where his passion lies, and the abhorrent takes that have followed have done nothing but excessively cloud an otherwise pretty picture.