Sports Illustrated Jumped the Gun on Mike Conley Trade to Jazz and Suns in Bizarre Gaffe

Mike Conley is not expected to be back in Memphis for the 2019-20 NBA season, but despite that common belief, it remains unclear where he will be playing.

Well, Sports Illustrated accidentally jumped the gun on reporting that Conley had been traded, as they prematurely posted an article that was clearly unfinished, nor edited.

The article, written by Michael Shapiro, claimed that the Grizzlies were set to trade Conley to Utah or Phoenix.

His sources?

Shapiro cited "TKTK" as his source for the information, and claimed that the players being sent to Memphis were "TK, TK and TK."


Yahoo! even picked up the story that Conley had been traded, causing a whirlwind of confusion around the league.

This was a major slip up from S.I., as they quite clearly made a gaffe while pre-writing an article for a potential Conley trade. They need to hold their horses, though, as no deal is done, or even really close to being done yet.