Somebody Pitched a Ridiculous Cubs-Astros-Reds Trade to Send Kris Bryant to Cincinnati

Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant is an MVP caliber player, so why would the Cubs just give him away? | Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

It's that time of the year again. With the MLB's annual Winter Meetings set to take place in just a few days, Twitter has been set ablaze with blockbuster trade pitches. This includes Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs.

Now, you may remember that Bryant recently brought up a grievance with the league regarding his service time, which fell just short of the five-year mark, delaying his unrestricted free agency by a full year. In the wake of his frustrations (and his demands for a mega-deal), the sense of urgency for the Cubs to deal him has increased. That doesn't, however, mean the Cubs are in a rush to make a move, as this ridiculous trade scenario would indicate.

Ah, yes. A trade where the Cubs lose not just Bryant, but also catcher Willson Contreras, arguably their two best players outside of Javier Baez, in exchange for some prospects (very good prospects, but prospects nonetheless). While both players struggled with injuries this past season, their upsides are as high as anyone at their respective positions.

We can't forget that these are two players who have yet to turn 30, with a minimal amount of tread on their tires. As great of a prospect as Whitley is, he and a few other high-upside youngsters are not worth losing two players the caliber of Bryant and Contreras.

Were the Cubs to actually make such a trade, they'd be taking a significant step back in the NL Central, especially after dealing Bryant to their division rival.

As great as Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo are, the loss of two key pieces of their lineup is insurmountable at this juncture. Likewise, the loss of a catcher like Contreras could have a real domino effect on a pitching staff that's been inconsistent at best, and just lost Cole Hamels to Atlanta.

We wish this writer the best, but a front office job isn't in their future.