Skip Bayless Throws Mid-Game Temper Tantrum While Packers Romp on Cowboys

The Packers beatdown of the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium was already epic, but those of you enjoying the game are in for a little extra treat.

Cowboys mega fan Skip Bayless had a huge meltdown on Twitter during America's Team's embarrassing performance, and those of you who hate Skip (virtually everyone) will get a real kick out of this.

Ah yes, the first sign of a great Twitter tirade: ALL CAPS. Interesting reverse jinx attempt, Skippy!

Bayless, clearly trying to express his rage, unleashed a brazen tweet in which he commended the Packers for kicking "the Cowboys' tails at Jerryworld." Bayless proceeded to call the game both an "embarrassment" and a "humiliation."

Hell, Bayless went as far as to claim that Jerryworld is under new ownership in the form of Aaron Jones, who dominated the Cowboys to the tune of three touchdowns by the midway point of the third quarter.

Well, Cowboys. For better or for worse, you finally did it. You've officially thrown Bayless off his rocker, and this Twitter tirade are the fruits of your labor.

He actually thinks he has the power to reverse Dallas' fate with a tweetstorm. It's cute.