Sixers Unveil Amazing New Throwback Uniforms to Be Worn in 2019-20

The Philadelphia 76ers pushed their championship window back open this offseason with a flourish, letting Jimmy Butler walk in favor of adding Al Horford, who's murdered them on the post in consecutive seasons.

Now, sporting that renewed championship energy, Philly is also bringing some beautiful new threads to the table.

Check out these beauties, which will be worn in select games this upcoming season, mimicking an oft-forgotten old fit from the team's 1970-71 campaign.

So deliciously weird. You can almost see Doctor J admiring these, then deciding to play in the ABA instead until Philly chose to go with a simpler uni combination.

As a throwback option, however, they're pretty perfect.

Also, more importantly...I've never seen these before? I feel like someone who's fairly familiar with NBA uniform combinations of years past, and these are hitting me in an entirely new light. Very happy about that. Always glad to learn about a new thing I'll need to spend $130 on.

Hurry up and get here, opening night.