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Sixers Send Kings into the Sun With Savage Twitter Clap-Back After NBA Draft Lottery

The Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers engaged in a brutal Twitter exchange on Tuesday night.

The NBA Draft Lottery is over, and the New Orleans Pelicans have stunned the world by winning the perennial Zion Williamson sweepstakes. While that was the biggest news, there was also some smaller details revealed on draft night.

The Sacramento Kings' 14th pick went to the Boston Celtics instead of the Philadelphia 76ers, which would've acquired the selection if it turned out to be the first overall pick. With that, the Kings official Twitter account took a shot at the Sixers by using the Kawhi Leonard Game 7-winning shot.


We all know that the 76ers weren't going to allow that shot to stand without swinging back like Rocky Balboa. Philadelphia responded by saying that at least they know what being in the playoffs feels like.

This is perhaps the most savage Twitter exchange between two sports franchises in recent memory.

The Kings just missed out on a playoff berth, while the Sixers were a shot block away from potentially sending Game 7 to overtime. That's the way things work in sports. Only one team can win.

Next season's Kings-76ers matchup will certainly be one to keep your eyes peeled for...on Twitter.