SF Giants Triple-A Champion Reveals Final Pay Stub and it's Absurdly Low


If you aren't a first round pick that garners a huge signing bonus, being a minor league baseball player is pretty tough, especially financially.

Right-handed pitcher Tyler Cyr, a former 10th round pick, pitched brilliantly for Triple-A Sacramento of the San Francisco Giants organization, who ended up winning the PCL championship. You might think he made some pretty decent money, especially since they won the whole thing. You'd be wrong. Check out his final pay stub:

Once you take out his social security, medicare and state taxes, Cyr didn't make any money. Actually, he had to pay to play baseball... again.

Cyr realizes how fortunate he is to chase his dream. Not everyone can do that and they have it a lot tougher. But the only way he can make money to live is work a couple offseason jobs. Oh, and he has to make sure he's in shape to play baseball.

Major League Baseball is a multi-billion dollar industry. I'm not saying players in the minor leagues need to make millions of dollars, but there's no reason they can't be paid a living wage.

Be better, MLB.