Sean Doolittle's Wife Eireann Dolan Calls Out Bob Nightengale for Inaccurate and Troubling Report

Eireann Dolan has taken to Twitter to contest Nightengale's latest report.
Eireann Dolan has taken to Twitter to contest Nightengale's latest report. /

After MLB and its players finally resolved the financial negotiations, the mentality has shifted to the health and safety concerns posed by the coronavirus. One of the biggest questions pertains to the compensation for those who choose to opt out of the shortened season.

MLB reporter Bob Nightengale tweeted that players with "high-risk" family members could opt out and receive fully prorated salaries. But the wife of Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle has confirmed that's far from the truth, a concerning development regarding one of the game's most crucial issues.

In reference to Nightengale's tweet, Eireann Dolan responded that "It wasn't true. I can't tell you how frustrating and painful it is to read inaccurate reporting like that from trusted sources on something so deeply personal."

Dolan also declared that she expects better from a national reporter, and rightfully so. In dealing with health and safety, it's far more important to be accurate than to be the first one to break the news. That's especially true on such an important distinction for so many individuals like Dolan, who suffers from asthma.

The issue has also become increasingly concerning as numerous outlets took Nightengale's tweet as fact and republished it. The Washington Post even included Dolan as a potential beneficiary of the compensation that does not currently exist.

When MLB dedicated a majority of its time to the financials, there were bound to be hurdles on the safety aspects of a season. Sadly, erroneous reports had some thinking they'd be in a much better situation than the current confirmations suggest.