Seahawks and Ravens Wasting Time With Antonio Brown Interest

The Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens are reportedly interested in WR Antonio Brown.
The Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens are reportedly interested in WR Antonio Brown. | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Antonio Brown's name continues to come up in NFL discussions even after a tumultuous past two years for the wide receiver. He appeared in one game last season with the New England Patriots and is likely facing a long suspension if he is even cleared to return to the league.

One would think all the problems would have teams avoiding the receiver who is set to turn 32 years old in July. Yet that is simply not the case.

There seems to be nothing that will keep NFL teams away from talent. The Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens have reportedly expressed interest in Brown. Whether the internal discussions were serious or not is unknown, but the interest is still there.

This is an incredible waste of time for both teams. Focusing any attention on Brown while he is staring down a potentially long suspension just takes focus away from adding other receiver talent without all the distractions.

Brown signed with the Oakland Raiders last season and ended up being a legendary distraction. Then came a one-game stint with the Patriots before he was released due to off-the-field issues. The Seahawks and the Ravens seem to think Brown's issues will suddenly go away if he is in a new situation. That is likely what the Raiders and Patriots thought as well.

Continued interest in Brown while players like Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick are available shows just how bizarre and hypocritical the league can be. The receiver had a great run with the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is just no logical reason to trust him now when we don't even know what punishment he will face from the NFL.