Scott Boras Makes Weird Counterargument About Why Baseball Should Be Allowed in California Soon

Sports agent Scott Boras
Sports agent Scott Boras / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Sports agents, just like everyone else, want the games to return. Athletes getting back to playing means more revenue, and more money for agents. Thursday, MLB super-agent Scott Boras offered a strange take on why baseball should be able to return in California soon, continuing a recent string of arguments about why the game needs to come back.

Boras came out and cited electric car company Tesla and television as reasons why sports should be able to return to California sooner rather than later, sure?

California has been one of the first states to extend coronavirus measures far into the future. Just last month, Santa Clara County executive officer Dr. Jeffrey Smith claimed that we would be lucky to see sports in California by Thanksgiving.

Boras' arguments are coming out of left field. Car production is obviously extremely different from professional baseball, and Musk's attempts to reopen production plants in California were only recently accepted by the state. Before Wednesday, Tesla had been operating against Alameda County laws, and had come under fire from most experts. Does baseball really want to follow their frowned-upon footsteps?

Tesla had to push hard against the law to reopen, and that doesn't exactly point to baseball being able to return any sooner than we already expected.

Boras' second point about television is one of the most obvious statements possible. Yes, fans will not be at games and will be watching from home to avoid transmitting and contracting the virus. That does not assuage concerns for the safety of players, umpires, and stadium staffers.

They will all still have to work in close quarters, and be putting themselves in danger for a non-essential business. Even so, MLB is currently working to pass a proposal to restart the league by July, which will allow play to continue regardless of whether a player contracts the virus.

Without a vaccine, any sport or gathering is a risk for the health of those involved. Scott Boras is clearly missing that point, and instead pushing to start the league back up.