Scott Boras' 2020 MLB Schedule Proposal Includes a Christmas World Series and is Totally Insane

World Series - Houston Astros v Washington Nationals - Game Three
Santa Claus arrives for the World Series, a totally normal thing. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

All of us would much rather be playing a full Major League Baseball season in 2020 than sitting alone and coming up with contingency plans, but it's safe to say that a full 162-game schedule is not happening.

Safe unless you're Scott Boras, of course.

The league's top agent has a vested interest in getting his premium clients a full season of games ahead of future free agencies, and his proposal for getting MLB's entire schedule played in 2020 includes a...Christmas World Series?

No one loves baseball more than me. No one. NO. ONE. I have zero interest in watching the World Series on Christmas.

Frankly, the game gets me so stressed that I'm barely able to handle it during its normal slot in the calendar. Christmas would be an emotional overload of impossible proportions.

Per Boras, it wouldn't even be a potential Game 7 -- it would be a Christmas Game 6! Even likelier to happen! The super-agent's version of the season involves a neutral-site postseason played in California across Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and Petco Park, as well as the league's eight domed stadiums. We're not sure where the World Series would be, in this scenario, or whose holiday traffic would be ruined.

Trust me, I would love a full season of baseball this year, and understand why Boras is clamoring for the same thing. But wouldn't his gig also be hurt by a brunted offseason? If the Series lands on Christmas, wouldn't he only have a month and a half to get all his negotiating done before Spring Training?

Sorry, Scott. This is probably not where the league will land.