Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Has Hilarious Response to Tom Brady Getting Kicked Out of Tampa Park

Sean Payton
Sean Payton talking to the media after the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft | Getty Images/Getty Images

Since the quarantine first started, Sean Payton has been showing off his great personality over and over again, and we are here for it.

In the latest quotable moment from Payton, he jokingly said in an interview with Kay Adams that he was "proud" of the Tampa Bay parks and rec staff from kicking Tom Brady out of a park that he was practicing at. The 2006 Coach of the Year also said that he was the one who alerted the staff that Brady was there, getting a leg up on his division rival, mind games-style.

This is "petty Sean Payton" at his finest. No Saints fan could be surprised by Payton's behavior, as he has been stuff like this for years. For example, he once pulled a fire alarm to make sure his team woke up before a game in 2018. Additionally, in the same interview with Adams, the Super Bowl XLIV champ said that he texts Tom Brady trash talk about the upcoming opener between the Saints and Buccaneers frequently.

Whether it's to get a competitive edge, or just to have some fun during quarantine, Payton has been entertaining us all with his great interviews and tweets in recent weeks. This quote about stopping Brady's practice is just another example of his shenanigans.