Saints GM Says Drew Brees Took Pay Cut so Team Could Improve Roster and That's Why He's One of the Best Ever

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

While so many quarterbacks have found new homes in the NFL this year, Drew Brees will remain in New Orleans. He's been a cornerstone of the Saints' organization for 14 years, and information surrounding his latest contract negotiations proves why.

According to Saints GM Mickey Loomis, Brees took a pay cut so the team could use money elsewhere to improve the roster.

Loomis says Brees' top priority throughout the talks was to ensure that the team would have enough room to address other areas of need. His new contract is a two-year deal for around $50 million. That's a price that places him outside the list of the top-10 highest-paid quarterbacks despite his status as among the best in the league.

The Saints have already used that space to pick up some key players this offseason. They've signed receiver Emmanuel Sanders to complement Michael Thomas, safety Malcolm Jenkins to boost the defense, and re-signed guard Andrus Peat to keep the O-line intact.

So far, that's a guy Brees can throw to, a guy who will help keep him on the field, and a guy who can keep him protected in the pocket. On paper, his loyalty has definitely benefited himself and the Saints so far.

Brees commitment to winning seems to have allowed him to put aside excessive financial gain. If the Saints play their cards right, his sacrifice could be worth it in the end.