Saints and Bucs Fans Will Love Ripping on the Falcons After These Matt Ryan Comments

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan thinks he's better than Tom Brady
Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan thinks he's better than Tom Brady / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The NFL season is still months away from starting, but Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is here to make sure we meet the daily hot take quota.

Ryan, fresh off another season in which he failed to replicate the production that won him an MVP in 2016, declared that he is the best quarterback in the NFC South, a division that features teams quarterbacked by Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

His numbers might have been comparable to Brady's last year, as Ryan threw for 4,466 yards and 26 touchdowns while completing 67 percent of his passes, but anyone who watches football and is capable of even basic analysis can see that he pales in comparison to those two Hall of Famers.

He's better than Teddy Bridgewater, but that isn't exactly the mark of an elite quarterback. While it would be weird if Ryan claimed that he's not as good as rivals in his own division, that doesn't make his boast any less illogical.

Ryan is a quality quarterback in charge of one of the league's most varied passing attacks, but he's clearly a notch below Brees and Brady, and anyone who disagrees with that fairly non-threatening statement is almost as deluded as Ryan.