Sabres Reportedly Turned Down Laughable Deal From Oilers for Taylor Hall Years Ago

Buffalo Sabres v New Jersey Devils
Buffalo Sabres v New Jersey Devils / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Before Taylor Hall was dealt to the New Jersey Devils, there were plenty of teams interested in acquiring the former MVP. Hall's team at the time, the Edmonton Oilers, were more than antsy to part ways with him.

With very little understanding of what type of player Hall would become, the Oilers weren't asking for much in exchange. One of the teams they pitched a deal to before the Devils was the Buffalo Sabres. According to TSN's Jason Gregor and the Athletic's Joe Yerdon, the Sabres weren't all in on bringing Hall to Buffalo despite an absolutely insane offer.

This deal is a disaster waiting to happen on both ends. First of all, the fact the Oilers were ready to deal Taylor Hall for a then 21 year-old defensemen with little NHL experience is laughable. Second, the Sabres turning this down is pretty unreal as well.

At the time, Hall was still a fringe 30-goal scorer. Honestly, his trade came down to the former GM for the Oilers, Peter Chiarelli, being desperate to deal Hall in order to shake up the team.

In the end, the Sabres probably should've just accepted this deal. They would've gotten Hall, who went on to win the Hart Memorial Trophy for league MVP a few years later, for a mid-level defensemen. Also, considering Hall got dealt for Adam Larsson in the end, the Sabres were offered a similar deal.

Honestly, Hall could've ended up on any team in the NHL if all the Oilers wanted in return was one defensemen. However, considering the fresh look of the Devils, he's probably happy he was dealt to New Jersey.