Ryan Zimmerman and Evan Longoria's Career Stats Are Almost Exactly the Same and it's Scary

Tampa Bay Devil Rays v Washington Nationals
Tampa Bay Devil Rays v Washington Nationals / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Despite making his Major League Baseball debut a full three years before Evan Longoria, it turns out Ryan Zimmerman and the San Francisco Giants third baseman happen to have a lot more in common than you'd initially think. It became apparent to one eagle-eyed baseball analyst this week that Zimmerman and Longoria have played in the exact same number of games throughout their careers. The similarities don't stop there.

Max Goldstein crunched the numbers after realizing they had the same amount of experience, and that's where it gets frightening. The pair have the exact same number of RBI, the same walk percentage and the same hard hit rate.

Somebody needs to call Jordan Peele and see if there's ever been a Sabermetrics episode of The Twilight Zone.

Major League Baseball's always going to be overloaded with statistics, and strange coincidences will emerge when numbers are crunched as hard as they are in the MLB crowd, but the fact that these two distinct personalities have four different stats (underlying, predictive stats!) lined up perfectly is insane. That's not all, either. They both got their 200th home run on the same exact night in 2015.

If you need us, we'll be buying yarn and push pins to piece together our conspiracy theory that they're actually the same guy in a Scooby Doo mask.