Russell Wilson is fired up the Seahawks signed Aldon Smith

San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks and general manager John Schneider have made quite the risky move on Thursday, signing defensive end Aldon Smith to a one-year deal. While Smith is no doubt a great talent, his troubled past has some fans nervous.

If you ask Russell Wilson, though, Seattle made a great move in signing the former Cowboy. Wilson made that much clear on Twitter.

While drama has surrounded Wilson and the Seahawks in the offseason, it's looking like the two sides have started to smooth things out. That's great to see, especially with Wilson wasting no time in welcoming Smith to Seattle.

There will be some big expectations for Seattle next season with Wilson once again leading the offense. Now, we'll see what Smith will be able to get done in making plays for the Seahawks defense in 2021. Fans sure can't wait to see what the pass-rusher can do back in the NFC West.