Apparently a 'Rogue' NFL Employee Spurred Roger Goodell to Make Statement About Black Lives Matter

Some of the NFL's staffers may have caused the league's shift on social justice issues.
Some of the NFL's staffers may have caused the league's shift on social justice issues. | Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

It was a surprise when Roger Goodell and the NFL released a statement/video this week, apologizing for not supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and players protesting police brutality/racial injustices sooner.

Now, more details are starting to surface as to what led to the decision. As it turns out, per a report, a rogue employee ended up pushing Goodell to make this move.

After widespread frustrations with the league's response to Colin Kaepernick and silence following George Floyd's death, NFL creative producer Bryndon Minter knew it was time for a change, saying, "We didn't feel like our voices were heard." He stepped up to make that change happen.

After a suggestion from fellow staffer Nick Toney, Minter knew the power lied in the players, saying,
"it’s all about them. And if they speak up, they have the power."

Minter reached out to Saints receiver Michael Thomas, not expecting much. But Thomas responded, expressing his interest in leading a plea on behalf of the players demanding the NFL to make a statement, headlined by the phrase, "Black Lives Matter."

Thomas reached out to bring many of the league's biggest faces into the message. The video was released on social media and exploded to millions of views.

The league's employees then met for a plan of action and Goodell took charge to make a statement for the first time.

The risk for Minter was tremendous, but undoubtedly worth it. It may also prove crucial to the league's position on social justice issues in the future, with Toney saying, "there’s a human side to this league that I hope, and I pray, we embrace going forward."

That is a win for everyone from the efforts of two rogue employees.