Rodney Harrison's Latest Comments Really Make You Think if There Will Be an NFL Season in 2020

Former Patriots superstar Rodney Harrison
Former Patriots superstar Rodney Harrison / Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The NFL is determined to start their 2020 season without too many alterations despite the coronavirus pandemic, but a former Pro Bowl defensive back and well-respected analyst thinks that playing games just isn't feasible in the current social climate.

Rodney Harrison, a former All-Pro safety with the New England Patriots and then-San Diego Chargers, thinks that football games inherently involve a lot of interpersonal contact, which could help spread the COVID-19 virus. Harrison, in an interview with Pro Football Talk, stated that he doesn't think there will be a 2020 season.

“In football, you have to breathe on people,” Harrison said. “You have to tackle people, you spit on people. Guys have cuts, guys cough. I don’t know how we’re going to have a season.”

The league has already accepted that games will be played without fans in the stands, but you can bet that Roger Goodell will do everything in his power to make sure these games happened as scheduled. Harrison's concerns are valid, but they might fall on deaf ears if he wanted this to go straight to Goodell.

There are few players who played the game in the last few decades with as consistently hot a motor and desire to be great as Harrison. If he, of all people, is a bit skeptical about the season returning as soon as possible and is tacitly advocating for the season to be postponed or delayed, that should set off some alarm bells.