Rockets’ Trade for Russell Westbrook Was Very Much a Huge Mistake

Russell Westbrook has struggled for the Houston Rockets.
Russell Westbrook has struggled for the Houston Rockets. / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Remember when virtually every NBA fan was buzzing following the blockbuster trade between the Rockets and Thunder that sent Russell Westbrook to Houston and Chris Paul to Oklahoma City?

Well, things aren't exactly working out for the Rockets as Brodie is posting the worst shooting numbers of his career.

Though 19 games, Westbrook is shooting 39% from the floor, and 21% from three while averaging a whopping 4.5 turnovers. To (somehow) make matters worse, he isn't setting up buckets for his new teammates, accumulating just 7.3 assists per game.

His assists numbers were bound to decline given the sheer ball dominance of James Harden, but Russ is averaging 34.2 minutes per game. It's quite apparent that the former MVP is far more preoccupied with getting his when Harden doesn't bring up the ball rather than orchestrating a cohesive, fluent offense.

Despite the fact that him and Harden didn't exactly mesh together on the hardwood back when both players were on OKC, Rockets general manger Daryl Morey coughed up a pair of first-round picks for Westbrook to help get his side over the hump in the playoffs.

Don't let Houston's 14-7 record deceive you, folks. The Westbrook-Harden tandem is proving to be an unmitigated disaster.