Rob Gronkowski throws out Red Sox first pitch in most Gronk way possible

Yup, this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone
Cleveland Guardians v Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Boston Red Sox / Jaiden Tripi/GettyImages

This guy was just born to entertain. Now that he's retired from the NFL, Rob Gronkowski continues to make us smile off the gridiron. Leave it to him to steal the show ahead of the Red Sox game on Monday. Yup, everyone loved this.

Gronk took the bump to toss out the ceremonial first pitch. Was he going to fire off a fastball, maybe a curve? Nope, in typical Gronk fashion, the Super Bowl winner decided to spike the baseball down into the turf. This isn't a shocker at all.

That's a bro move from the king of bros. Gronkowski of course went viral because of this epic toss. Boston ended up losing 6-0 to the Guardians, but come on, the real story here is that Gronk decided to throw one of the worst/best first pitches of all time.