Rob Gronkowski Sends Entire Internet Into Frenzy With Emoji Tweet Right After Demaryius Thomas Trade

The entire NFL world spent most of the offseason worried Rob Gronkowski would eventually make his way out of retirement and back to the Patriots.

Something they never worried about, however, was Gronk coming back WEEK 2 to join ANTONIO BROWN in the team's cadre of weapons.

But after the Pats cleared more room in the receivers' room by dealing Demaryius Thomas to the Jets, Gronk set off every alarm bell in the world by tweeting the ol' eyeballs.

So, based on my knowledge of NBA Twitter, Gronk's joining the...Lakers?

Folks, I guess we need to get ready, because the apocalypse appears to be a few months ahead of schedule. With Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, Phillip Dorsett, Julian Edelman, and the frisky Jakobi Meyers sprinting down the field, the addition of Gronk would give the Patriots enough ammo to go 19-0 twice before even having to sweat out a close game.

The defense is elite. Tom Brady's blood and skin just turned 27. This is the perfect storm.

We're not sure why the football gods have decided to bestow New England with possibly one more bout of good fortune (wasn't 28-3 enough, you pusillanimous hatchet goblins?), but if Gronk returns with this much protection around him, they're going to destroy the league like Brady going to town on his own cell phone.