VIDEO: Rex Ryan Roasts Amari Cooper in Remarkably Unprofessional and Insult-Laden Rant on 'Get Up'

Rex Ryan called Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper a turd
Rex Ryan called Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper a turd /

What did Amari Cooper do to Rex Ryan? Sheesh. On Friday morning's 'Get Up', Ryan was asked about Cooper's contract extension, and the former Jets and Bills coach went off. While we wouldn't go as far as calling this NSFW, it's about as close to the border as one can get for daytime national television.

The end of the segment, specifically, resorts to name-calling in a way Ryan ought to be ashamed of as an analyst. Opinions are accepted, unabashed bullying without a basis is not, and Ryan crossed a line and should be hearing from his bosses on ESPN soon enough.

Ryan has a case in highlighting Cooper's inconsistency. Just last season, the Alabama product notched seven games under the 50-yard mark, and an argument can be made that he needs to improve his route-running at times.

Yet, he's still an elite talent with perennial Pro Bowl accolades. Ryan's rant hints at other lingering issues on his part that the audience isn't aware of. This is in poor taste, to say the least.