Reggie Wayne Says His Best NFL Job Ever Actually Wasn't With the Colts

Reggie Wayne
Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne | Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne made quite a lot of happy memories during his 13 years in Indianapolis, but the future Hall of Famer claims that his best NFL job ever was actually in enemy territory.

Do you remember that Wayne retired after a two-week stint with the Patriots in 2015? While Wayne was willing to repay his $450,000 signing bonus, Bill Belichick insisted that he hold onto it, which gave Wayne newfound respect for the legendary head coach. Wayne called that brief cameo as a Patriot his "best job ever," as he got paid almost half a million bucks for doing next to nothing.

Wayne recorded 14,345 yards and 82 touchdowns as a pro, making six Pro Bowls while serving as arguably the best No. 2 wide receiver in NFL history next to Marvin Harrison. An All-Pro and a Super Bowl champion, Wayne did it all (and won it all) in Indy.

Those accolades do little to change the fact that he had one of the most bizarre ends to a career in recent history, as he turned down a contract with the Detroit Lions on account of their moribund history.

Wayne might have made a good chunk of change with the Colts in his career, but picking up a paycheck that it takes most folks 10 or more years to make for two weeks of working out in a very minimal fashion had to feel pretty sweet.