The Redskins Need to Make One Final Splash and Sign Jadeveon Clowney Regardless of His Contract Demands

Jadeveon Clowney
Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins have been relatively quiet in free agency, which is disheartening, considering an overload of prime opportunities to improve an underperforming unit.

Last season, the Skins had one of the worst defenses in the league, allowing the sixth-most points by any team. Though they're poised to add Chase Young with the No. 2 pick in the draft, pending a wild trade, there's one additional way to ensure their pass rush gets adequately dangerous: a big deal with Jadeveon Clowney.

In five years with the Houston Texans before departing to Seattle, he racked up 205 tackles and 29 sacks. With three Pro Bowl selections to his name, he's been a straight up stud for a majority of his career. He's a powerful athlete, but no team has wanted to bite on a contract with him yet due to high-priced demands. Plus, as rumors of a potential draft-day trade continue to swirl, the Skins could kill two birds with one stone by adding Clowney and, say, Isaiah Simmons, instead of simply beefing up the line in multiples.

Clowney's 2019 campaign didn't bring about quite the same impact, in terms of counting numbers, featuring 31 tackles and three sacks. That hasn't brought his asking price down at all, though, and many contenders have been left shaken by his demands. There's no reason he shouldn't be able to bounce back, though, and the Redskins needn't worry about a slight overpay if it means bringing in this type of talent.

With more than $31 million in cap space, they have the room to import a player like Clowney. He may be looked on as a risk, but one slight down year in a career of success shouldn't deter a team in desperate need of A-plus talent.