Trevor Bauer is Organizing a Mic'd up Sandlot Baseball Game for MLB Players in Arizona and We Need This Right Now

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer is organizing a Sandlot game for MLB players
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer is organizing a Sandlot game for MLB players /

As the COVID-19 outbreak has forced the MLB to suspend Opening Day by at least two weeks, plenty of players are uncertain about just when they will be able to step on the baseball diamond again. Thanks to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer, however, some of them may get an opportunity to play some ball amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bauer tweeted Friday that he's organizing a sandlot baseball game in response to the suspension of Spring Training activities. There is a catch however -- all players have to agree to be wired with microphones during the contest.

All MLB and MiLB players around Arizona are welcome to join the event as long as they have no issues with being mic'd up. Bauer is also all ears for any ideas to make the game more interesting.

In a world where just about every major sport has either cancelled or suspended play, fans can rejoice over Bauer's attempt to bring some entertainment back at this difficult time. While Bauer will simply be hosting a mere exhibition, baseball fans being able to watch some world-class athletes perform would make for a nice respite.

As long as proper public health measures can be ensured, of course.

While Bauer's attempt to organize a sandlot game is some positive news in a mess of negativity, the safety of all those involved is paramount and should be first priority. But if this concept can be executed safely, it could be a truly exciting diversion for baseball fans.