Trevor Bauer Destroys Cheating Astros Yet Again With Throwback Instagram Post and MLB Fans Are Loving it

Trevor Bauer destroys the Houston Astros.
Trevor Bauer destroys the Houston Astros.

In case you were worried that an endless MLB season delay and the potential of fan-less baseball would ruin the Astros Hating Party, we'd like to introduce you to Trevor Bauer.

The Reds hurler has likely been the most vocal anti-Houstonian in the months since their cheating whispers became a scream, and he took advantage of this particular Throwback Thursday to lob another grenade at the 'Stros, one day after the Red Sox got off light for imitating the Astros' scheme.

First off, Bauer looks good in a vintage Astros uni! Maybe he'll be the guy to eventually rehab their reputation? He plans on signing one-year deal after one-year deal, after all.

But more importantly, it's great to see that Bauer's beef with Houston didn't evaporate once his old sworn enemy from UCLA, Gerrit Cole, moved onto the Bronx. Hey, Lance McCullers Jr. is still there, after all!

If we could get this season resumed right about now, that'd be great. These vintage Bauer photos can't last us forever.