Reds Sign Slugger Mike Moustakas to Huge 4-Year Deal

New Cincinnati Red Mike Moustakas Fields Grounder for Milwaukee Brewers
New Cincinnati Red Mike Moustakas Fields Grounder for Milwaukee Brewers | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Give the Reds some credit for staying under the radar. Of all the potential Mike Moustakas suitors in free agency, most did not peg Cincinnati as serious buyers.

Yet, the Reds deem themselves closer to contention than most prognosticators, and unlike most shoppers on this Cyber Monday, they got Moustakas for what can decidedly be called "not a discount."

Moustakas had been one of the top infielders on the market, behind the likes of Anthony Rendon and Josh Donaldson, both of whom are likely to receive large contracts regardless of how the owners attempt to slow down the market this Winter.

Perhaps even more painful for Moustakas' now-former team, the Milwaukee Brewers, is that their power-hitting infielder goes to a division rival, and one in a comparable market looking to win now. Brewers fans must take solace in the idea that the franchise has a long-term vision, but losing that much power in the middle of their lineup to a team they'll play 16-18 times next season likely wasn't part of their plan.

Mike Moustakas Contract Details

The Reds' moves since the trade deadline -- including the acquisition of Trevor Bauer -- suggest they're moving forward with the concept of contending next year in the crowded NL Central. To that end, we wish them the best.