How many more times are we going to say it this offseason? The Boston Red Sox botched this past offseason beyond belief and the average fan feels he or she could've done a better job running the show.

Letting Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly -- their two best relievers from last season -- walk was one thing, but not replacing them at all? That's just irresponsible. We don't really need to elaborate on the team bringing back Steve Pearce and Eduardo Nunez either, do we?

But as for the bullpen, after the experiment of using in-house options failed miserably, how bad are the optics now that reports suggest the Red Sox are interested in two relievers that are expected to have a considerable price at the trade deadline in Kirby Yates and Ken Giles?

So let's get this straight. Instead of spending money on bullpen options in the offseason AFTER winning a World Series -- ones that you KNEW worked well for you -- you're going to now empty the farm system to acquire one in the middle of the year?

**Checks notebook**

Yup, that sounds like Dave Dombrowski to us!

Yates has at least had three straight seasons of impressive work. Giles, on the other hand, has proven to be beyond inconsistent throughout his career. Either way, is it worth it to give up top prospects for guys you might not keep beyond next year?

Dombrowski said the Sox are trying to rebuild the farm system, but reported interest in these relievers suggests otherwise.