This Red Sox-Padres Trade Involving Wil Myers Could Actually Work

Wil Myers could still end up playing in Boston if the right deal comes along.
Wil Myers could still end up playing in Boston if the right deal comes along. | Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres have been engaged in trade talks involving outfielder Wil Myers on and off for the majority of the offseason, but nothing fruitful has come out of them.

But after Myers' strong start in Spring Training (and ongoing financial burden), the two sides could revisit a deal. If the Padres toss in a young arm like Adrian Morejon along with Myers, in exchange for a large chunk of cash and former top prospect Jay Groome, then a trade could go through after all.

The Padres' top priority seems to be offloading the majority of the remaining $61 million left on Myers' contract, and the Red Sox have deep enough pockets to comfortably absorb at least half of that, if not more, especially after clearing Mookie Betts' 2020 salary.

In exchange for paying off most or all of Myers' deal, the Red Sox would get an outfielder who has shown flashes of brilliance in the past to at least somewhat offset the loss of Betts in a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Boston has also had their eye on getting some young pitching help. They could flip former top prospect Jay Groome to San Diego in exchange for 21-year-old lefty Adrian Morejon, who made his MLB debut in 2019.

The Red Sox would get a young arm with a highly-rated fastball and curveball, and the Padres would get a former top-100 prospect who still has the chance to make an impact a couple of years down the road.

Such a trade would help the Red Sox in the present, while also opening up plenty of avenues in the future for the Padres.

While it might not be the most glamorous deal of the offseason, it would be greatly beneficial for both teams.