Rays' Tommy Pham Cites Jackie Bradley Jr. and Brett Gardner While Calling out MLB All-Star Voting

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians
Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians | Jason Miller

The voting process for the annual MLB All-Star Game has never been fair. Fans are free to stuff the ballots with any player which tends to favor those residing in bigger markets with more people to show their support.

Players on small market teams often don't receive the love that their larger market counterparts do, and Tampa Bay Rays' outfielder Tommy Pham is sick of it.

Discussing the matter with The Athletic, Pham menitioned the likes of fellow AL East outfielders Boston's Jackie Bradley Jr. and Yankees' Brett Gardner as prime examples of the rigged system.

While he may not have been right to call anyone out in particular, Pham does have an argument, and a very sound one at that.

Neither Bradley Jr. nor Gardner is having a particularly good season, with both hitting below .200. Yet they are ahead of Pham and teammates Avisaíl García Kevin Kiermaier, both of who have played a large role in helping Tampa to a 41-26 record.

The Yankees and Red Sox boast some of the most passionate and widespread fan bases in the league, which gives them a huge advantage over Tampa Bay in securing All-Star votes. While Pham is having the superior season, that doesn't show up on the ballots.

If Pham were suiting up in pinstripes or manning the outfield at Fenway Park, he'd probably have his name turn in among the top vote-getters in the league. Instead, he finds himself at Tropicana Field with the seemingly uninterested Rays fan base.

The NBA changed its All-Star voting process to lessen the sway of the fan ballots. With continuous complaints from players and fans alike, it may be time for MLB to do the same. Hopefully Pham's call to arms can result in Rays fans showing their players a bit more love.