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Rays Prospect Says Blake Snell Reached Out to Explain Controversial Comments on Twitch

Blake Snell
Blake Snell reached out to Xavier Edwards to clarify the controversial comments he made on Twitch. | Mark Blinch/Getty Images

On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Rays completed a trade that sent outfielder Tommy Pham to the San Diego Padres in exchange for OF Hunter Renfroe and infield prospect Xavier Edwards.

To say that Rays left-hander Blake Snell wasn't pleased to see Pham shipped to the West Coast would be an understatement, as he unleashed a profane diatribe live on Twitch once he became aware of the transaction.

The rant expressed disconcerting criticism in the direction of Edwards, and on Friday the former AL Cy Young reached out to his new teammate to apologize for his antagonistic comments, which he claims weren't intended to be disrespectful.

Additionally to getting in touch with Edwards, Snell agreed to an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, to assert that he was simply caught up in the moment of losing a player in Pham that was productive in 2019.

"I apologized on there just saying I’m sorry I’m just upset we’re losing a guy like Tommy who helped our team in so many ways," said Snell via the Times. "I didn’t mean any disrespect to Edwards who I didn’t know who he was until after I said that."

It's fair to say that we can put this whole ordeal behind us now, right?

Snell made regrettable comments, but ultimately did the right thing in extending an apology to Edwards, who will hopefully hold no grudges come Spring Training because of Snell's gesture.