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Ravens TE Hayden Hurst Tries to Shoot His Shot With Woman on Plane and Got Trolled by Teammates

Athletes from all sports are active in the trend of sliding in to DM's and shooting their shot, but not all of them end successfully.

Baltimore Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst got roasted by teammates and fans alike for attempting to track down a woman who took the same flight as him. He posted to Twitter in hopes of identifying the "gorgeous tall brunette."

It was a hopeful effort for Hurst, and it was met with a hilarious response from those online, including his former Ravens teammates.

Some, such as former Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, were supportive in his mission to find love.

Others? Not so much.

This guy makes a great point. A professional athlete couldn't catch up to a woman walking through the airport? That feels just a little bit embarrassing.

Rather than expect Twitter to somehow link the pair up, Hurst could at least have made the effort to jet after her when she exited the flight.

Baltimore safety Tony Jefferson, like so many others in Hurst's mentions, called it like he saw it, labeling Hurst as just another thirsty guy on Twitter.

Despite all the negativity, though, Hurst still seems hopeful that social media will pull through for him.

But all in all, it seems safe to say that Husrt will think twice next time before putting himself out there on social media. Otherwise, he'll just have to suffer the consequences.