Ravens GM Eric DeCosta Not Totally Ruling Out Signing Antonio Brown is the Perfect Way to Troll the Steelers

Antonio Brown
New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown | Mark Brown/Getty Images

As long as your talent outweighs your character concerns, an NFL team will take a chance on you, and never has that concept been better exemplified than with former Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown.

Even after a 2019 that can charitably be called turbulent, Baltimore Ravens GM Eric DeCosta hasn't totally ruled out adding the former AFC North foe to a squad that went 14-2 last year.

Brown played in just one game last year for the New England Patriots before his behavior on and off the field totally imploded. Because of that, most teams aren't willing to go anywhere near the radioactive Brown despite his years of elite production.

Brown has already been spotted working out in Florida with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, known to some as AB's cousin. Jackson has already stated that he would love for the Ravens to bring in a player like Brown, but that decision ultimately falls on management rather than himself.

Brown would be exactly what a basic, less-than-dynamic Ravens passing game needs given his speed, separation, and ability to go deep. Baltimore just needs to make sure they can reign him in and keep him on the right path.