Don't let the Milwaukee Bucks' performances in Games 3-5 of the Eastern Conference Finals fool you. Mike Budenholzer's men are still a better matchup than the Toronto Raptors for the neutral basketball fan against the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.

For staters, it was the first time all season long (including the regular season) that the Bucks have lost three games in a row. That's 96 games. Game 4's loss marked just the second time in 2018-2019 that Milwaukee has lost consecutive games.

Are they inexperienced? Absolutely. But, they also present a MUCH better matchup against the Dubs than the Raptors.

Ask yourself this, NBA fans. Do you really trust a hobbled, fatigued Kawhi Leonard to end the Warriors' quest for a three-peat? The offensive load of which he is demanded to carry along with the likelihood of guarding Steph Curry or Klay Thompson is a recipe for disaster.

Marc Gasol, like Enes Kanter, would be rendered useless. Fred VanVleet won't hit seven 3-pointers in a game again this postseason. And Kyle Lowry? Well, he's about as unpredictable in the playoffs as Danny Green's 3-point shooting.

Give us Giannis Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee's versatility over the Raptors' one-dimensional, Kawhi-led identity any day of the week.