Ranking All 4 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl-Winning Teams

Brett Favre
Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre playing at Lambeau Field. | Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers have had some of the most iconic teams and Super Bowl victories in history. From the legendary coaching of Vince Lombardi to evergreen quarterback Brett Favre, we somehow managed to rank the most iconic Packers seasons in history.

4. 2010–11

Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packe
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrates the Packers' 2010 Super Bowl victory. | TIMOTHY A. CLARY/Getty Images

This season was fantastic, but it's just not on the same level as the Packers' other winning years. Brett Favre had just retired, ending his tenure in Minnesota, and Aaron Rodgers seized the opportunity to prove himself. Rodgers brought home the Lombardi Trophy and a fourth ring for the franchise despite only going 10–6 during the regular season.

3. 1967–68

Vince Lombardi
Former Packers head coach Vince Lombardi on the sidelines. | Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Vince Lombardi concluded his career with the Packers on a high note. The team went 9–4–1 and won the World Championship in resounding fashion, capturing this one 33–14. Veteran quarterback Bart Starr led the team and earned himself the Super Bowl MVP award. It was the end of the Packers' success for a while — they didn't even have a winning season the next year — which made the 67–68 year even sweeter.

2. 1966-67

Bart Starr
Former Packers quarterback Bart Starr plays in the Super Bowl. | James Flores/Getty Images

Bart Starr really made a name for himself when he earned his first Super Bowl MVP award in the '67 Super Bowl. On top of that, the Packers defense was truly insane this season, leading the league for the least points allowed. Six of their opponents during the regular season scored less than 10 points, and four didn't even score a touchdown.

1. 1996–97

Brett Favre
Former quarterback Brett Favre runs with the ball during the Super Bowl. | Focus On Sport/Getty Images

This team was arguably one of the best teams in the history of the NFL. Quarterback Brett Favre was the shining star of this squad, passing for 3,899 yards and leading the team to the first and only Super Bowl victory of his career. However, the Packers were stacked across the board, leading the league in both points scored and least points allowed, not to mention special teams stud and Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard.