Random Fan Wearing a Hybrid Dak Prescott-Carson Wentz Jersey Needs to Go

There are certain acts of NFL sacrilege that should ban certain fans from ever having an opinion on football. Before the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Dallas Cowboys, we saw one of those acts.

A fan, God knows what team she is rooting for, was rocking a jersey that was half Dak Prescott and half Carson Wentz.

Hey lady, pick a side! This isn't Jaguars-Bengals, these are two bitter rivals that hate each other to a legendary degree. You can't take the middle ground in this rivalry!

While this matchup is about as even as it gets, as the dynamic Eagles offense is going up against an equally fast-paced, star-laden unit in Dallas, this woman needs to be more bold than this.

It's simply not right, and I'd imagine fans of both fanbases are livid over this.

Unless this game ends in a tie, this fan is going to look ridiculous.