VIDEO: Random Fan at Pistons Game Drilled Detroit Coach in Head With Awful Pass

Fan at Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons
Fan at Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons

I mean, this is the easiest way to land on the SportsCenter Not Top 10 list. At the Raptors-Pistons game this week, a loose ball made its way to the stands and a young lady, the great samaritan she is, decided to launch the ball back onto the court. The result? Goodness me, come on!

Not only did the rock not make its way to the hardwood, but it ended up drilling a Detroit coach in the back of his noggin. While most of us are still laughing out there, probably safe to say the coach didn't find it humorous whatsoever. I mean, even Blake Griffin is probably still shaking his head after seeing it.

That Raptors fan in the red shirt next to her looked less than amused as well, as is evident from his hand gesture.

She's probably wishing she had put a little more into that throw, or at least enough so that the ball would actually make it back onto the court.