Raiders’ Las Vegas Stadium Opening Could Be Delayed Due to Issues With Roof Installation

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Site Under Construction
Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Site Under Construction | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Just when everyone thought the Raiders had finally played their last game in Oakland, the franchise's Las Vegas stadium operation has been met with a hiccup.

Allegiant Stadium was tentatively scheduled to open in July 2020 in time for its first event the following month, but a delay in installing the venue's translucent roof could cause other setbacks to follow.

If any storms pass through the area before the roof is constructed, the stadium would be vulnerable to water damage that would further delay its entire construction process. The roof's installation has now been targeted for May.

Like other new, modern stadiums around North America that continue to defy physics, roadblocks in Allegiant Stadium's completion shouldn't come as a surprise.

With the Raiders set to host a pair of preseason games in August, Allegiant Stadium is on a strict timetable. Mark Davis and Co. want to make sure their relocation goes off without delay, and considering the already negative press that came with leaving Oakland in the first place, any sort of significant delay in construction isn't welcome.