This Bills-Saints Alvin Kamara Trade Has Real Potential

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara
New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Already boasting a talented roster, the Buffalo Bills hit the ground running this offseason, proof that they have lofty expectations for the 2020 campaign. The team has already acquired wide receiver Stefon Diggs via trade, so there's no reason to think that general manager Brandon Beane wouldn't be open to striking another deal in order to position themselves as strong favorites in the AFC East.

As much as we love the potential of this Bills roster, the team does have a glaring hole at running back. Frank Gore is a free agent, and sophomore Devin Singletary might not be ready to handle an RB1 workload -- that's why Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints comes to mind as a potential target.

And there's a path for Buffalo to acquire him.

Kamara signed a four-year, $3.85 million contract as a rookie, and that deal comes with just a $2.37 million cap hit for the 2020 season. The three-time Pro Bowler is entering the final year of that deal, so Buffalo wouldn't necessarily have to make any long-term commitments here. However, the Bills do have over $20 million in cap space, so a potential extension could be in the cards if both parties were able to come to terms.

We know that the trade market for running backs is anything but bustling, so Buffalo might be able to get away with coughing up two draft picks. The Bills could start the bidding at their third- and fifth-round picks in this year's draft; if and when New Orleans declines, the team could swap in a second-rounder in place of the third.

If that sounds like a meager package for a star player like Kamara, just consider how badly the Rams messed up by signing Todd Gurley to a fat contract extension. Knowing what they know now, they would have loved to be able to get something for him on the trade market when they had the chance. Anything.

This deal would leave Buffalo without a selection until the No. 86 overall pick, but the Diggs traded clearly articulated that the organization doesn't intend to do a ton of win-now work in the 2020 draft.

A Kamara deal would give the Bills a needed star at the running back position to lessen the burden on quarterback Josh Allen, and the Saints would acquire more draft capital that they could use to bolster their contending roster, or as trade bait for other potential deals. Even if it sounds crazy, don't rule this out just yet.