This Packers-Jaguars Trade for Leonard Fournette Would Give Green Bay the Loaded Backfield of Their Dreams

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette
Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

You've heard it all by now -- Aaron Rodgers needs help, and the Packers have generally been unwilling to provide it.

The Pack do have a solid backfield with the likes of Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and 2020 draftee AJ Dillon, but wha if they added even more talent to the mix?

In the interest of prolonging Rodgers' prime -- which they deliberately acted against by drafting Jordan Love -- Green Bay should trade for one year of Leonard Fournette. The Jags are assuredly planning to lose him to free agency next offseason, so it makes sense to get something for him while they still can.

In the interest of clearing cap, the Packers should include Jamaal Williams and his $2 million cap hit in this deal. Doing so would also provide the Jags with a much-needed body once they rid themselves of Fournette.

Shipping a fourth-round pick along with Williams should do the trick given that Fournette is on the final year of his deal. If the Jaguars balk at such a suggestion, they risk losing him for nothing. Spotrac estimates Green Bay's top-51 cap space to be about $7 million; per those calculations, the Packers could just barely afford Fournette by adding Williams to this deal.

Fournette, paired with Jones and Dillon, would give the Packers a run-centric offense that just so happens to feature a Hall of Fame signal-caller. The Jags, meanwhile, fast-forward their rebuild.

What's not to love?