Potential Conflict in Mitch Marner-Leafs Contract Talks Revealed

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game One
Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game One | Adam Glanzman

The NHL is in for a very fun and extremely active offseason with all the potential trades, free agency signings, and restricted free agency drama.

One player of that proverbial restricted free agency soap opera is Mitch Marner, the leading point scorer for the Toronto Maple Leafs this past season.

On Wednesday, the conflict between Marner and Toronto in their contract negotiations was revealed. It seems that contract length is the main sticking point in their discussions, as the sides can't come to an agreement on the duration of the deal.

Toronto is pushing for Marner to sign an eight-year contract if he wants the $11 million per year his camp is after. Marner's camp remain unwilling to sign an eight-year contract at this point in their discussions.

Marner led a stacked Maple Leafs team with 94 points, more than John Tavares and Auston Matthews contributed last season. He also added 4 points in seven games of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Boston Bruins in the first round.

Whether he re-signs with the Leafs or signs somewhere else, Marner is going to get his money. Toronto will do all they can to convince him to stick around on an eight-year deal, but at this point, it doesn't seem like Marner is on board with that long of a deal.