Positive NBA Coronavirus Tests Just Rose Yet Again in Troubling Sign

The NBA is having more and more positive coronavirus tests.
The NBA is having more and more positive coronavirus tests. / Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

The NBA's goal remains to create a safe and quarantined environment to finish the season in Orlando. One problem is heading to an area that has seen surges in positive COVID-19 cases.

Another problem is the league's own players testing positive upon arrival, something we all hoped they'd be protective against during this extended break. The latest report shows an uptick in cases from even the high percentage we knew about a week ago, in another troubling update.

The NBA is a small league, so nine more players testing positive isn't information that can just be brushed aside. What if the nine were All-Star players? Most importantly, what if even one player gets seriously ill from the virus?

The goal is to have zero cases as teams head to Orlando -- and that is just for players. Coaches and staff members must also be at zero for everyone to be safe. Just one player testing positive and interacting with other players and coaches could doom the entire restart.

Nine new cases is a major concern, and the league has to be sure to keep the safety of everyone as the most important focus. Hopefully, these nine new cases will be the last we see, yet that is likely just wishful thinking based on the current trend.