Pope Francis Tweets Message With Official New Orleans Saints Hashtag and the Internet Exploded

No wonder the New Orleans Saints have been able to stay red hot with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback-- it appears they have some help from the man upstairs. While Pope Francis intended to tweet out a message of thanks to those who recently earned sainthood, the Holy Father's official Twitter account inadvertently used New Orleans' team hashtag, which prompted the arrival of a swarm of Saints fans.

Some Saints have made their pleas for a certain superstar quarterback to be canonized. Yeah... let us know how that one goes.

Who could have guessed that an 82-year-old Argentinian guy was a member of Who Dat Nation?

Some Saints fans are still convinced that someone up above had a hand to play in their loss to the Rams last January, and want to see if Pope Francis had any input.

Some fans have plenty of money to spend, and are taking this tweet as a sign from up above that good things are on the way for New Orleans this week.

If this tweet is any indication, we might see His Holiness down in the French Quarter if the Saints get into the playoffs. It only makes sense now. In the meantime, consider not betting on the Jaguars as they take on the holy NoLa.