Please Stop Asking Goose Gossage His Opinions on Anything at Spring Training

Goose Gossage once again ripped modern baseball
Goose Gossage once again ripped modern baseball / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

New York Yankees Spring Training doesn't officially start until someone sticks a microphone in Goose Gossage's face, and he proceeds to complain about modern baseball in the same way he has for the last decade.

The Hall of Fame reliever, who spent time with the Yankees, Padres, and White Sox, once again ranted about how he can't stand these new-fangled analytics "ruining" the game he loved. Gossage claims that he can't even watch nine innings of baseball anymore, and "perfectly" summed it up (if you're dumb) by saying that "Democrats are running baseball."

Ok, boomer.

Gossage's act is beyond tired and overdone at this point. Even those who genuinely have questions about an over-reliance on analytics, and those who pine for the days of the sac bunt and closers that pitched three innings are sick of Gossage.

We get it, Goose. In your day, starters always threw complete games, teams stole bases, and launch angle didn't exist. That doesn't mean your game was better back then. He'll never realize this, so trying to get him to warm up to it or hoping he'll change his mind this year is a fool's errand.

We're already looking forward to next season, when every reporter's selective amnesia kicks in, they ask Gossage the same series of questions about how the game is played, and he gets progressively less politically correct with his answers. It's a Spring Training tradition unlike any other.