Proposal to Play the NBA Season at Disney World Weirdly Makes Total Sense

NBA legend Dwayne Wade and Mickey Mouse in Disney World's "Wide World of Sports" complex
NBA legend Dwayne Wade and Mickey Mouse in Disney World's "Wide World of Sports" complex / Handout/Getty Images

With COVID-19 wiping out the NBA for the time being, fans are naturally eager to figure out a solution to get players back on the hardwood to finish out the 2019-20 season. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the foremost infectious disease expert in the country, recently stated that sports could return with no fans as early as this summer, but that would require an incredibly versatile venue setup. However, as plans continue to form, Yahoo Sports writer and former Walt Disney World employee Keith Smith believes that the House of Mouse could be perfect for hosting NBA games.

Smith believes the facilities at Disney World in Orlando, Florida are uniquely suited to such an endeavor. The vacation destination is not only home to a cluster of hotels and residential accommodations, but also the "ESPN Wide World of Sports " complex, a facility that has multiple courts available for basketball games.

Disney World is a massive property, but more importantly, it's entirely privately owned. Keeping non-essential people away from the goings-on would be that much easier.

The idea actually makes quite a bit of sense, and Disney's ownership of ESPN, which is closely affiliated with the NBA through broadcast rights and insider access, just makes the transition even smoother. It's an idea that hasn't been laughed at nearly as much as Smith thought it might be.

Disney World provides an environment with tons of space and plenty of facilities to operate not only the games, but also the business and broadcasting components of the NBA. It might just be perfectly situated to accommodate the league's many needs, and Adam Silver ought to consider it long and hard if Disney does indeed make the complex available.