Pirates Pitcher Joe Musgrove Insists Thorough Investigation Into Every MLB Team Would Find a Lot More Dirt

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Joe Musgrove
Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Joe Musgrove / Norm Hall/Getty Images

MLB's investigation into the Houston Astros has had some impactful results on the sport, and players have begun to weigh in on the controversy. Not all players are on the same page, though.

According to Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pirates pitcher and former Houston Astro Joe Musgrove said that if MLB investigated every team as thoroughly as the Houston Astros, it would "find a lot more than they want to find."

Musgrove was on the 2017 Astros World Series team that was busted for sign stealing. While he didn't deny the team's wrongdoings, he claims the Astros are far from the only team who were bending the rules.

Musgrove has been one of the most vocal defenders of himself and the Astros in the wake of the cheating scandal's exposure. He's gone on record saying that while his team cheated, they also "worked hard." A truly convincing excuse.

While scrutiny from the league is being directed squarely at the 'Stros (and rightfully so) Musgrove doesn't seem to think the organization operated in a manner too different from other clubs in the league.

The Astros are guilty, there's no denying that. But according to Musgrove, the other 29 teams in the league may not be as innocent as they're making out to be.