Pirates IF Cole Tucker's 7-Year-Old Tweet Predicted His Little Brother's 2020 MLB Draft Night

Cole Tucker predicted his brother's path to the MLB in 2013.
Cole Tucker predicted his brother's path to the MLB in 2013. /

Today, accounts like Old Takes Exposed seem to control Twitter by pointing out incorrect takes from prominent peoples' pasts. It almost feels rare for a take to come true in the end. It's not impossible to be right, though, and Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Cole Tucker proved it last night.

On January 10, 2013, when Cole was 16 and his brother Carson was 11, Cole claimed, "Kid never stops working. Little man's gonna go first round," about his younger brother. That's exactly what happened Wednesday night, when the Cleveland Indians selected Carson Tucker with the 23rd overall pick in the first round.

Naturally, Cole had to remind the world about his prediction on Wednesday.

Cole Tucker himself was a first-round draft pick, selected by the Pirates with the 24th pick in the 2014 draft. He'll be able to help his brother with managing high expectations, which always come with being a first-round pick.

Carson is only 18 and has verbally committed to play at the University of Texas in college. Like his brother, he is a shortstop, and will look to follow in the footsteps of Indians superstar Francisco Lindor. Carson's elite physical tools are what Indians fans should be most excited for. At 6-1, 175 pounds and only 18 years old, he could turn into a monster over the next few years.

He is still a ways away from MLB, but he has set high standards for himself. When asked about his brother, he said, “I want to do everything better than he does.” We're definitely here for a potential rivalry between the two in the coming years.