'Philly Voice' Writer Completely Owns Cowboys in Funny Op-Ed

This Philly writer owned the Dallas Cowboys after another noisy offseason
This Philly writer owned the Dallas Cowboys after another noisy offseason / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles fanbase will never pass up an opportunity to make fun of the Dallas Cowboys, as unprovoked mortar shots are fired between the two fanbases on almost an hourly basis.

Jimmy Kempski of "Philly Voice", who clearly has a seething, burning hatred for America's Team, penned a laundry list of reasons that the Cowboys will not only fail to catch the Eagles in 2019, but will implode and enter dumpster fire territory.

Kempski thinks that the Cowboys superstar-laden roster isn't all that it's cracked up to be. The Cowboys are a team built around a running back in Ezekiel Elliott that appeared to lose half a step last season, and are coached by an ultra-conservative dinosaur in Mike McCarthy. Add in the fact that they lost the likes of Byron Jones in free agency, and we get it, to some extent.

Kempski also pointed out that the Cowboys got extremely lucky last year, as they didn't have tons of injuries, yet still managed just a 8-8 season. The Eagles haven't been totally nailing the offseason, but drafting Jalen Reagor and trading for Darius Slay showed that the Eagles helped improve upon their two biggest flaws from the 2019 campaign.

The Cowboys might have the headline-grabbing names, stories, and highlights, but it's the Eagles who have had more recent success. As long as Carson Wentz continues to produce and his receiving corps doesn't crumble to dust, the Eagles should remain kings of the NFC East until proven otherwise.