VIDEO: Philipe Lins Kicks Andrei Arlovski Right in the Groin at UFC Jacksonville and a Part of Us Just Died

Andrei Arlovski got hit in the worst possible area
Andrei Arlovski got hit in the worst possible area /

Philipe Lins and Andrei Arlovski were going toe to toe at UFC Jacksonville before Lins' right foot catching Arlovski in a very sensitive area caused the fight to be brought to a standstill. With his toe pointed outward, Lins wounded the ageless Belarusian veteran in a pretty significant way. The worst part of all of this? Commentator and former two-division champion Daniel Cormier knows what that feels like, and he was laughing the whole way through describing it.

That's not just cruel, it's downright unsporting. Come on, DC!

This, somehow, wasn't even the worst injury in the last few hours of fights, as Gabriel Benitez managed to last an entire fight with a shin injury that forced his bone through an open wound on his leg.

UFC Jacksonville is short on fans, but it is packed to the brim with brutality.

Between Arlovski getting hit in his gentleman's area and Benitez's bone popping through his skin like we're in Mortal Kombat, this series of fights certainly hasn't disappointed anyone looking for some pure, uncut violence.